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Adv. Yael Hasid

Founder & Partner

Yael engages mainly in the fields of Commercial, Civil and International Law.

Over the years, Yael represented her clients in complex disputes and fundamental issues in various courts and different arbitration proceedings, including in matters of corporations, real estate, insolvency, International Law, labor, class actions and Intellectual Property. Among the legal cases in which Yael was involved in recent years we can name a wide variety of complex disputes which include, among other things, representing a shareholder in a claim against the company he founded, representing an investor in a claim against the company he invested in which sold its assets to a foreign company, representing a company in a claim against the C.E.O who embezzled the company’s funds in a scope of tens of millions of NIS, representing shareholders and directors in a dispute over the control of the company, representing an investor in a dispute between partners in a real estate venture, representing a company in a claim against a contractor who was negligent in the execution of a technological project, representing apartment owners in the defense against a lawsuit to cancel the grant filed in Israel by an official in the bankruptcy proceedings of a debtor in England, representing the owner of rights in real estate in a claim to dissolve the sharing of unregistered rights in real estate, representing a buyer of an apartment in a claim to annul the transaction due to construction deviations found in it, representing a land seller in a claim filed against her for delays in the execution of percelization of the land, representing a credit clearing company in a class action lawsuit filed against it, and so on.
In addition, Yael has accompanied the ongoing business activities of a wide variety of companies, partnerships and businessmen in Israel and abroad, including, at the incorporation stage, execution of acquisition transactions, mergers and collaborations, accompanying projects, drafting various commercial and international agreements, providing opinion, conducting negotiations and as such.
The clients Yael represented operated and are operating in the worlds of High-Tech, infrastructure and energy, tourism, real estate, advertising, pharma, finances, retail, industry and so forth.
Yael is certified to draft a Continuous Power of Attorney, Preliminary Guidelines document for the appointment of a legal guardian, and letter of intent. Yael drafts these documents for her clients, while placing a special emphasis on the relevant business and commercial needs of the financiers. Prior to the establishment of the Firm, Yael worked as a senior advocate in the litigation department of Shibolet & Co. Law Firm.
Yael holds a Bachelor Degree in Law (LL.B), certified with a Masters Degree in Law with a specialty in Civil Law (LL.M), as well as a Masters Degree in business with a major specialty in financing (MBA), all obtained from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2009.