Intellectual Property

Our Firm has extensive experience in accompanying companies, businesses and entrepreneurs in the fields of Intellectual Property with all their different aspects.

The fields of Intellectual Property spread across many fields among which are patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, reputation, trade secrets, Privacy and Libel Law (slander), etc.

Registration and Anchoring of Rights

We consult on the registration and anchoring of the appropriate rights while formulating a strategy tailored to the client’s needs.

The accompaniment includes conduct with the Ministry of Justice in respect of registering trademarks, designs and patents, filing objections to the registration of rights by others, amending and updating registrations at the Ministry of Justice and more.

Naturally, since our Firm is most active in the international arena, the accompaniment in the fields of Intellectual Property does not end within the borders of the State of Israel. Our Firm has extensive business relationships with fellow firms in major countries around the world (including the United States, Europe, China and more) which help us continue providing excellent service to our clients also in the various countries according to their requirements.

Litigation and Conflict Resolution

We at OKHG help our clients fulfill and realize their rights in cases of violations committed against them or in cases where the client himself is being sued by others. In this way we help our clients protect their intellectual property, inventions and rights.

Among other things we were involved in substantial and complex claims of copying and attempts to imitate or of ‘hitching a ride’ or causing harm to reputation which was built with much effort etc. These claims demand a great deal of skill and in-depth familiarity with the field, as well as action and response within the framework of urgent requests for temporary relief and urgent protective injunctions.

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