Start-Up, High-Tech and Bio-Tech

The Firm has extensive experience in legal consultation in the fields of Start-Up, High-Tech and Bio-Tech.

Founders' & Partnership Agreements and establishment of Start-Up Companies

We view a Founders’ Agreement as a process of coordinating expectations which is critical to the chances of success of a project / business. We advise and guide entrepreneurs and founders in the process of coordinating expectations which will ultimately lead to the Founders’ Agreement most suitable for them, through flooding essential issues we encountered through accompanying many founders and entrepreneurs over the years. The process is designed to allow founders to consciously enter into partnership with one another, know how future disputes are to be resolved and even amicable ways to part ways.

Over the years we accompanied founders in various fields, including Start-Ups in the different industries (life sciences, cyber, SaaS and more), real estate companies, and companies of various services (architects, C.P.A’s, graphic designers, distributors of consumer products and more).

In addition, we accompany and assist the founders to register companies with the Registrar of Companies and to establish their companies in a correct and efficient manner.


We accompany businesses and companies at various stages of fundraising, whether raising capital or financing (different types of loans).

Among other things, fundraising is carried out through various loan agreements, raising capital through the sale of company shares (Equity Investments), loans convertible to shares, SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) Agreements, and different preliminary investments.

In this context, we also provide accompaniment in agreements with service providers in the field of fundraising, such as all types of brokers and investment profilers (such Finders Agreement).

Website regulations, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Databases

We are experienced in formulating regulations, Terms of Use and Privacy Policies for websites, owners and developers of websites and applications, and for the suppliers of “Software as a Service” (SaaS).

Over the years we have consulted and accompanied clients in diverse sectors of these fields, such as: restaurants, travel websites, various stores, different SaaS services and more.

We advise clients in these fields also in connection to the various lawful obligations and privacy protection regulations, including the registration of databases and the required Information Security Regulations in compliance with the Privacy Protection Regulations in respect of Information Security.

Research, Development and Clinical Trial Agreements

As part of our work with research and development companies, we accompany and consult on various agreements during the development process, including Lab Agreements, various Trial Agreements and diverse Development Agreements (design, production, algorithmics and more).

Over the years we have accompanied many companies in the field of Life Sciences and accumulated experience in drafting Clinical Trial Agreements and agreements with accompanying service providers (such as CRO and researchers), as well as conducting negotiations with hospitals and research institutes.

Among other things, we are experienced in working in collaboration with local attorneys for the purpose of accompaniment in the engagement with research institutes overseas.

Option Plan and Options 102 for Employees

One of the common incentives in the field of Start-Ups is the granting of options to employees and consultants.

We accompany many companies in formulating option plans, engagement with a trustee and operating the granting and exercising of options.

Over the years we accumulated experience in a variety of models, granting and maturation mechanisms of options and we advise our clients on how to adapt the right mechanism to the relevant case.

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