The business world conducts itself at a unique and dynamic pace.
Company and business owners and managers require a winning team
to help them lead their organization to its goals.

As experienced lawyers from leading law firms, we’ve established a boutique firm
which allows us to provide our clients with legal counsel at crucial crossroads,
with an emphasis on a practical approach, personal attention,
quality and availability which are much needed in the business world.


We’ve chosen to focus on legal areas where we are most experienced with-
business and corporates; litigation and conflict resolution;
Start-Ups, High-Tech and Bio-Tech; intellectual property;
and administrative proceedings involving business matters (such as tenders and contracts).

The Firm is ranked by the Globes Magazine
and the German research company STATISTA
 as one of Israel’s best law firms
in the practice areas of Corporate and Commercial; 
Commercial Dispute Resolution (Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation); 
High-Tech and Start-ups; Intellectual Property; Mergers & Acquisitions;

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Business perspective, insight and process understanding

We believe that legal consultation does not amount only to the examination of the legal framework and wording documents.

In the dynamic business world, where matters develop rapidly, companies and businessmen
need legal accompaniment which integrates the solutions and consultation into a broad business view, creativity and practical thinking as well.

Our rich experience allows us to formulate together with the client the legal strategy which will
serve its business goals, while defining the set of sensitivities which characterize the specific
decision junction it is in with a broad view towards future consequences.


Our clients

The Firm’s clients are diverse and include new and old companies, young entrepreneurs, business partners, shareholders, directors, investors, company managers and leading corporations. 

In line with the entrepreneurial and dynamic nature of the Israeli economy, we provide ongoing legal services to many entrepreneurs from various fields, and we provide counsel to startup companies through every stage of their operations.

The Firm’s clients operate in the fields of High-Tech, infrastructure and energy, tourism, real estate, advertising, pharma, finances, retail, industry and so forth.

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