Corporations and commercial transactions

The Firm holds extensive experience in legal consultation in the field of Company Law, Commercial Law and Business Law. The Firm regularly accompanies companies, businesses and partnerships, as well as directors, key position holders and businessmen in the course of their ongoing business conduct as well as local authorities and various statutory corporations.

The legal consultation provided by the attorneys at the Firm is a product of experience, knowledge and legal understanding integrated hand in hand with experience, thought and business perspective acquired by the attorneys at the Firm over the course of their practice.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our Firm represents its clients in mergers and acquisitions’ transactions, including transactions for the purchase of shares, the purchase of activities and assets.

Our Firm accompanies its clients through all stages of the transaction, beginning with formulating the suitable transaction outline for the required transaction, conducting negotiations on the terms of that transaction, consulting the Board of Directors and the Shareholders’ Assembly in relation to the transaction and up to the closing phase.

This is all done while providing comprehensive legal advice in the field of Company Law, Contract Law, Labor law, Intellectual Property, Financing etc, as well as in collaboration with the accountants and other consultants of the Company.

Legal consultation in the field of Commercial Law

Our Firm provides legal consultation to shareholders, directors and officers in the company, including in matters of personal liability of officers and the obligations of directors and shareholders in the company towards the company, the shareholders and the company’s creditors. The attorneys at the Firm participate, as needed, in board meetings and shareholders’ meetings, accompanying the officers of the company in drafting the Shareholders Register, Directors Register, Cap Table of the company and so forth.

Accompaniment of projects, joint ventures and ongoing commercial engagements

Our Firm provides its clients with ongoing accompaniment in the execution of projects, joint ventures, and ongoing commercial engagements. In general, our Firm represents its client in negotiations and in formulating local and international commercial agreements, including distribution agreements, service agreements, trust agreements, production and contracting agreements, development agreements, finders and commission agreements, Non-Disclosure agreements (NDA), royalty agreements, franchise agreements, and so on.

Legal consultation in the field of Labor Law

Our Firm has extensive experience in the field of Labor Law.  In this context, our Firm provides ongoing or specific legal consultation, in all that relates to the drafting of employment agreements, option plans to employees, termination of working relationships, rights and obligations at the end of a working relationship, exchange of employers as part of a merger and acquisition transaction and so forth.

Our Firm provides internal audit services to companies and organizations, including on the background of financial irregularities (concern of embezzlement) or complaints of sexual harassment. Our Firm also advises employees on issues of confidentiality and non-compete upon leaving their place of employment.

Family businesses and intergenerational transfers

Family companies and businesses are characterized by a unique relationship fabric which involves both the family and the business.

Our Firm has a personal and practical familiarity with the conduct of family businesses, the difficulties that arise, the benefits and the balance which needs to be made between them all.

Over the years we have accompanied family companies and businesses in various fields and scopes, whether small family businesses or large established companies which require consultation and accompaniment with the change of generations. Among other things, this consultation services include agreements between family members, updating the company’s Articles of Associations, drafting wills, Continuing Power of Attorney and more.

We also accompany family businesses and companies in the sale of the business or the company, while understanding the familial consequences and implications relating to it.

Real Estate Transactions

We have many years of experience at our disposal in carrying out real estate transactions, starting with the purchase or sale of apartments and up to complex real estate transactions which include the purchase of designated land and establishing a logistics center, hotel, commercial center and more. We also regularly represent and accompany transactions for the purchase of land, combination transactions, accompaniment and representation of entrepreneurs and/or tenants in the execution of urban renewal projects (NOP 38, or evacuation-building transactions) and more.

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