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Adv. & Mediator Guy Oren

Founder & Partner

Guy engages in consultation in connection with diverse disputes and conflicts in the commercial fields, Intellectual Property, Libel (slander), privacy and internet, and provides representation in legal proceedings conducted in the various courts. He is also experienced in mediation and conflict resolution (including as a mediator). Among other things, Guy handled disputes and conflicts in the following fields:

In the business-commercial field – disputes and conflicts between companies, businesses, service providers and between partners and founders of companies/ businesses, including: in respect of breaching founders’ & partners’ agreements, separation agreements, dissolution of partnerships/ companies, and the division of the partnership/company’s assets between partners, financial claims between partners and founders, re-purchase of shares between founders, implementation and execution of pricing mechanisms between partners and founders (such as BMBY); as well as conflicts between the buyers of a company/ business and the shareholders, dispute over payment of brokerage fees in an investment transaction, disputes between Israeli companies and international product suppliers and service providers, and disputes between International companies and Israeli product suppliers and service providers.

In the field of real estate – Breach of apartment and other real estate sale agreements, disputes in connection with the dissolution of a real estate partnership, eviction of leased properties, construction defects and water damage, claims against contractors, claims against “insubordinate tenants” in the frame of urban renewal and disputes in connection with commercial assets.

Managers, directors, officers (such as C.E.Os, directors etc,) in respect of their liability as managers, including the negligence of officers, as well as the enforcement of non-disclosure and non-complete obligations, disputes in respect of options to officers, representation and accompaniment of minority shareholders (including the deprivation of shareholders) in various claims (such as petitions to annul decisions of the Board of Directors / shareholders and injunctions against transactions), personal claims and petitions for curtain raising against shareholders and derivative claims.

Representation in the field of trademarks, designs, copyrights and other Intellectual Property – copying of designs and products, (including box-games, designed products, brands in the food industry and more), plunder of business activity and reputation, violation of trademarks and design (including unregistered), representing photographers and website owners in claims of violating copyrights and making unlawful use of pictures as well as copying designs and user experience (UX/UI) of internet websites.

Defamation, privacy and internet – claims in respect of offensive publications in the media and internet (libel, harm to reputation and harm to privacy), consultation and accompaniment of persons and companies affected in a case of ‘Shaming’ or negative review/ ranking on the internet and social networks, and other violation of the Privacy Law.

In addition, Guy accompanies and consults to owners of brands and designs in the registration of trademarks and commercial designs in Israel and globally (such as the United States, China, India, Europe, England and Australia). Among other things, Guy accompanied companies and brand owners in the following fields of construction and construction products, food additives and aromatherapy, candy, cereal, technology, communications and consumer products.

Further, Guy provides ongoing accompaniment and legal consultation services to corporations, businesses, ventures and technological Start-Up companies at all stages, while combining a business and practical approach with his experience as a director in a public company.

Guy serves as a mentor at the Hefer Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center.

Guy interned at the offices of Luthi & Co., and prior to the establishment of the Firm guy was employed at Cassouto Nof & Co. Law Firm.

Guy holds a Bachelor Degree in Law (LL.B) and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) both degrees from the College of Management Academic Studies.

Guy is a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2009 and is a member of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Israeli Bar Association, Tel Aviv District.