Litigation and conflict resolution

Our Firm have extensive expertise in the field of litigation and conflict resolution, with an emphasis on commercial and business litigation.

Our Firm represents and accompanies the Firm’s clients at all stages of the conflict, from the early stages of the dispute and up to its resolution, appearing before the various courts, arbitration courts, arbitration proceedings and settlement negotiation proceedings, as needed.

The Firm’s attorneys have accumulative experience of decades with all that relates to representing clients in complex and sensitive legal and commercial disputes, both on a factual level as well as on a legal level.

Commercial – Civil Litigation

Our Firm has accumulative experience of many years in the field of commercial litigation and we regularly manage complex commercial disputes and appear in all the courts relevant to these proceedings.

Among all the cases we handle in the commercial fields, we can name disputes between shareholders in companies and claims to remove deprivation, representing position holders and directors sued for personal liability, commercial claims in respect of agreement violations, class action claims, derivative claims and more.

Our Firm represents entrepreneurs at the onset of their endeavors, private businessmen, fortune families and corporations that found themselves in a legal dispute and require consultation and representation that is beyond the popular representation in the courts.

We strive to always have an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs and to manage the dispute for the client with its needs in mind, when its business and needs being the determining factor of the desired outcome of the conflict.

Litigation in the field of Administrative Law

Our Firm has accumulative experience of many years in the field of Administrative Law, and we file on behalf of our clients administrative petitions and petitions to the High Court, with an emphasis on the field of tenders, on a regular basis.

The Firm’s team holds an in-depth familiarity with the various State Authorities, including involvement in drafting Tender Obligation Regulations and amendments, appearing before the various Knesset committees for the purpose of carrying out the aforementioned, and membership in the Administrative Law Committee of the Israeli Bar Association. Accordingly, our Firm has an in-depth familiarity and extensive knowledge in the Administrative field, which has been accumulated over many years.

Litigation in the field of International Law


Our Firm has extensive experience in representing clients in various disputes which require a response to issues from the field of Private International Law. Among the cases we handle, we can name disputes on the issue of the existence of international jurisdiction for a court in Israel to discuss a certain dispute, adequate forum, foreign judicial conditions, out-of-bounds invention for foreign respondents, jurisdiction in respect of respondents outside Israel, recognition and adoption of foreign judgments in Israel and so on.

In this regard, our Firm represents Israeli and foreign clients in the courts in Israel. The Firm also represents its clients who are dealing with a dispute in foreign arbitration courts and/or accompanies them next and in collaboration with foreign attorneys in judicial proceedings in foreign countries.

Litigation in the field of Labor Law

Our Firm has extensive experience in representing employers as well as employees in cases which require a response from the field of Labor Law.

Among the cases we handle in the commercial field, we can mention disputes on issues such as the existence of employer-employee relationship, the authority of the Labor Court to discuss a particular dispute, rights and obligations of employees and position holders, confidentiality and non-competition clauses, forfeiture of shares and realization of options for employees, unlawful termination, and so on.

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